Do you really know what is involved in getting a puppy?

Many families with young children choose a puppy believing they're easier to train and handle than older dogs.

But this is not necessarily the case, as puppies still play very much in a 'wolf-way', meaning they use their teeth a lot and puppies' teeth are very sharp.

And of course, they chew anything in sight. More than anything, housebreaking a puppy takes tremendous structure because every two hours you have to take them out. It's tedious, tiring and you're definitely going to be sleep deprived. And guess what - kids are not going to do it. Mom and Dad are going to be stuck with it!

The age of the dogs has been estimated by veterinarians based on their general health and particularly from their teeth status. It is an informed estimate made by veterinarians and should be used only as a guide.

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Medium size      
Needs Home With Garden
Suit Home-Based Worker or Needing Doggy Pal

NAME: Snowflake MEET AT: Ingleside (by appointment)
AGE/SEX: 10 weeks / F CONTACT: Monika
BREED: Cattle X NUMBER: 9486 3133

Snowflake is one of Indigo's pups. Mum came to us just days before giving birth. Snowflake will grow into active working breed dogs who need a lot of exercise and stimulation. They would suit a family with older children and an active sporty lifestyle. They are lovely and affectionate with people. They have a short coats.

They come desexed, C5 vaccinated, heartworm free and microchipped. Their adoption cost is $1000 together. For further details email

 5 Steps to Adopt!